STFA Code of Conduct

The STFA has a Code of Conduct to which all members agreed to be bound.

The Code has been drawn up to protect the interest of the environment, fishery owners, anglers and all those who love the countryside.

As part of membership of the STFA, all members agree to:

  • Use their best endeavors to achieve the requirements of the code.
  • Contract with their customers to offer fishing on their premises at times and prices according to the ticket purchased and rules applying If the ticket specifies a fish limit this entitles the angler to the chance of catching fish according to the prevailing weather and water conditions and the application of their skill and perseverance.
  • Clearly display opening times.
  • Clearly display fishery rules.
  • Maintain their fishery so that it is accessible from banks or boats where appropriate, making due allowance for levels of skill.
  • Restricted rod number limits where space and numbers of anglers is restricted.
  • Make all catch records available for inspection.
  • Hold public liability insurance.
  • Ensure that all visitors are aware of the potential hazards of the fishery and take any practical action to ensure their safety.

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