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derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

Derwent Report

01 July 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Derwent Reservoir Size: 1,000 acres (405h), Max Depth 100 feet (31m)

Sat Nav: DH8 9TT

Weekending: 01 July 2018

Number of anglers - week 173
Number of trout taken - week 237
Number of trout returned - week 9
Total number of trout caught - week 246
Rod average - week 1.4
Best trout - week 6lb
Number of fish re-stocked this week 600
Total number of anglers to date 3,321
Total number of fish caught to date 9,948
Number of tagged fish caught to date 11
Largest trout of the season so far 10lb - Bobby Scott
Seasonal rod average 3.0
Catch of the week:
Richard Abbott from Consett netted a cracking 6lb rainbow Sunday despite the heat. Richard was using a mix of Powerbait near the Dam Wall.

Memorable Moment of the week:
Fish have been rising in huge numbers after around 6pm on an evening when the sun drops and the surface temperature begins to cool. These fish have been easily targeted using a range of tactics and techniques using both fly and bait methods.
  • Best areas and flies: Dawson’s Olive has been the fly of the week with lots of fly anglers using this as the best lure Imitation for fry. Daddies, hoppers and small black flies have also worked well
  • Best areas and baits / lures:Deeper water has been the most successful with bright, warm days pushing fish deep. The best catches have been recorded using ledger tactics at distance with a swim feeder full of trout pellets or Magic Dust as the attractant.
Numbers stocked continue to outstrip fish caught which means there is a large build up of fish numbers in the reservoir which, when conditions allow, will offer some tremendous sport.
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derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

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