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Derwent Reservoir Report May 2018

derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

Derwent Reservoir Report May 2018

May 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Derwent Reservoir Size: 1,000 acres (405h), Max Depth 100 feet (31m)

Sat Nav: DH8 9TT

Weekending: 6 May 2018

Number of anglers - week 205
Number of trout taken - week 812
Number of trout returned - week 30
Total number of trout caught - week 848
Rod average - week 4.1
Best trout - week 3lb
Number of fish re-stocked this week 1050
Total number of anglers to date 1,406
Total number of fish caught to date 4,998
Number of tagged fish caught to date 4
Largest trout of the season so far 6lb 8oz
Seasonal rod average 3.55
Catch of the week:
Mr. M Lowdon had a brilliant day Friday with a 17lb catch including several fish up to around 3lb.

Memorable Moment of the week:
The fourth tagged fish of the season has netted Sunday by Edward Denshaw who pocketed a cool £200 and a cracking 3lb bar of silver from the disabled platform using Powerbait.
  • Best areas and baits / lures:During the fine weather the margins fished well with lots of fish taken by 10am. However, sport became a little harder in the heat of the day as the fish moved out and a little deeper. Lots of fish were taken on either Powerbait eggs or Mice-tails with anything orange working well. Mepps are also working well as the fish become more active and a float fished worm on a calm day can be a perfect method to catch fish near the surface.
  • Best areas and flies: Fly anglers are finding fish well spread around the reservoir and feeding well with lots of fly life to tempt fish to the surface. Black bettles, nymphs and mayfly are aplenty so imitating any of these could lead to some outstanding high water sport.
We are adding another three tagged fish to this weeks stocking.
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Ranger office 01207 255250

Ranger: Chris Hodgson

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