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derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

Derwent Reservoir Report

22nd October, 2017

by Trout Fishing UK
Daytime temperatures have been unseasonably mild and despite the odd storm blowing in, the fish have responded, feeding well and giving catch returns well above the seasonal rod average.

Using a swimfeeder when legering filled with a strong scent is what sets some anglers apart and seasoned veteran Rod Whaley demonstrated this to good effect, taking a double limit from the Meadow.

Fly anglers are again reporting that the fish are fairly close to the margins and wading should be done only after the shallows have been thoroughly explored.

Lures and Minkies are proving popular, as are Snakes, fished on intermediate lines, counting down the depths until fish are located.

For the more active angler, travelling light with a spinning rod coupled with different sized Toby lures is a great way to seek out the shoals and possibly some of the better sized fish.
Safety notice: Pow Hill to Hunter House is closed due to low water levels.
All the reservoir is ‘any method’ whilst we endure low water conditions.

Best Areas:

West of the sailing club, meadow, second fence

Best Baits:

Chartreuse PowerBait eggs and swim feeder, Silver Toby

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