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Derwent Reservoir Report

October 15th 2017

Another excellent week as fish continue to feed well in most areas around the reservoir.

As water temperatures continue to fall fish can again be found following shoreline contours, taking bait and fly only metres from the waters’ edge. The popular marks along the south shore continue producing good catches with several limit catches taken around the stream and the Dam Wall. Mr. D Wilson and son bought a second permit after a quick limit on Sunday morning, whilst Ray Whaley netted another double limit catch west of the sailing club.
Legering tactics have reigned supreme with the majority of fish caught on various PowerBait eggs and Mice-tails. The secret to success being a short trace length in shallow water and lengthening it as cast are made into deeper water. A well-filled feeder is always a great addition for attracting fish and should never be overlooked.
Fly anglers have had a varied week as wind strength often impairs casting. However, this week has seen a return to lures as fish have tended to be deeper in the water, although Mr. P Robinson took a couple of nice rainbows on Buzzers. Spinning silver Mepps or Toby lures should start to come into its own as day length shortens and fish become more predatory.

Safety notice: Pow Hill to Hunter House is closed due to low water levels. All the reservoir is ‘any method’ whilst we endure low water conditions.

Best flies: Black Fritz

Best Baits: Pink PowerBait Eggs, Swimfeeder with Magic Dust

Best Areas: North shore bay, south shore bay

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