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derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

Derwent Reservoir Weekly Report

13 May 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Derwent Reservoir Size: 1,000 acres (405h), Max Depth 100 feet (31m)

Sat Nav: DH8 9TT

Weekending: 13 May 2018

Number of anglers - week 264
Number of trout taken - week 773
Number of trout returned - week 17
Total number of trout caught - week 790
Rod average - week 3.0
Best trout - week 3lb
Number of fish re-stocked this week 600
Total number of anglers to date 1,670
Total number of fish caught to date 5,788
Number of tagged fish caught to date 5
Largest trout of the season so far 6lb 8oz
Seasonal rod average 3.5
Catch of the week:
K Rickman is the angler on form at the moment, this week netting the heaviest catch with 8 fish for 17lb 12oz

Memorable Moment of the week:
Eddie Moon landed the fifth tagged fish of the year. Eddie used an Orange Fritz to tempt the fish on the fly at Cronkley Meadow.
  • Best areas and flies: Bay of Plenty still producing and Millshield to Henrys Plantation. Small beetle patterns, Cats Whisker, Buoyant flies pulled across the surface starting to get a reaction.
  • Best areas and baits / lures:Between the two fences and Hunter house are the top areas. Ledgered PowerBait Eggs or Spring Green paste with Magic Dust and Sweet Corn in a feeder
Fly anglers should watch out for the annual Hawthorn fly hatch, expect lots of action on a floating line. For the bait anglers float fishing with baits near the surface would be the best way to target those rising fish.
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Ranger office 01207 255250

Ranger: Steven Bisset

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derwent resevoir trout fishing in the uk

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