Avington Trout Fishery

Avington Trout Fishery is one of the oldest stillwater trout fisheries in the country and is famous for its clear water stalking and big fish as well as the variety of angling on offer on three lakes.
Avington Trout Fishery, three crystal-clear lakes and a carrier stretch of the world-renowned River Itchen chalkstream are Avington Trout Fishery’s trademarks.

So too are the fish on offer – superb quality rainbow trout weighing from 4lb up to 20lb - plus are stocked into the lakes, while the carrier stream holds wild browns and grayling.

And all in the idyllic setting of the Itchen Valley.

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Avington Trout Fishery
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United Kingdom

Tel: 01962 779312
Email: info@avingtontrout.co.uk

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