Chigboro' Fisheries

Chigboro Fisheries offers four lakes ranging in size from one to 16 acres. Open from mid-March to mid-February, the fishery records stand at 19lbs 12oz for a rainbow.
Fishing is by day and season permit and boats, smoke house, tuition, restaurant and flies are available. The fishery is suitable for disabled anglers.

Chigboro’ opened its first water in 1982 and quickly established a reputation as one of the foremost
fisheries in the Eastern Counties
Now with three more lakes added, we offer a variety of still water fly fishing
unequalled by most of our rivals
Our waters vary in size from one acre to sixteen acres with average depths from 6 - 10 feet
and stock sizes from 1 ½ to 4 ½ lbs plus. All are characterised by a high standard of maintenance,
a friendly atmosphere and above all, in vast majority , by very satisfied customers
who return year after year
Specimen fish are regularly taken from the waters, and fishery records for
Rainbow and brown trout Stand at 19lb 12 oz and 14lb 11 oz respectively.

We have always set uncompromising standards for fish quality, and take pride in stocking fully finned
Fish in peak condition. Fish are sourced from Spring fed farms in Norfolk, chalk stream farms
In Wiltshire and Berkshire and spate rivers on the edge of West Country Moorland.

All sites produce strong hard fighting fish.

Contact Details

Chigboro' Fisheries
Chigborough Road,
United Kingdom

Tel: 01621 857368
Mobile: 07702 244440