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Hury is an exclusive fly only water in Teesdale. It is stocked with prime rainbow trout reared at Lartington fish farm and is a must for the traditional fly fishing enthusiast.
Traditional patterns do well on this picturesque water. Bibio, Zulu, Kate McLaren, Hares Ear, Silver Invicta, Peter Ross and Black and Peacock Spiders are effective in sizes 14 to 10. From the lure box try Dawson's Olive, Ace of Spades, Red Montana, Cat's Whisker and Orange Fritz.

Having previously been a coarse fishery, Hury holds a good head of roach and their fry is irresistible to trout, so from mid-summer, try to imitate these 'pin fry' by using a Pearly Pheasant Tail or a Silver Invicta. As the fry grow during October and November switch to larger patterns such as White Zonker, Minkie and Humungous.

In summer, mornings and evenings are good, as the Sedges hatch use floating and intermediate lines with traditional patterns.

The shallow 'Reedy Bank' area on the north shore fishes consistently well all season as does the south shore from the dam westwards during the early part of the season.

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Hury Reservoir

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hury trout
Hury Reservoir

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