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Kielder Waterside

The mighty Kielder Water, is a very big 1,093 hectare (2,700 acres), deep (maximum depth 55 metres -178 feet) reservoir which forms part of the vast Kielder Water & Forest Park.
Kielder Water
Kielder Waterside offers some very rewarding fishing both from the 20 miles of available shoreline, or from the fleet of 15, 17 foot 'Orkney Longliner' boats.

Kielder Water may seem a daunting venue to some, however it is soon cut down to size due to the extreme depths. The reservoir is stocked from various points on a weekly basis. Luckily for the angler once stocked, the fish stay close to the shore, looking for terrestrial insects that fall into the water from the overhanging bushes and trees.

Kielder Waterside is a unique venue, it can offer some fantastic sport for fly anglers especially off the top.

The fish never really seem to be that far below the surface, a floating line or intermediate will cover most situations. Try the bays and drift the margins for some exciting sport, the wild browns are growing well and are a welcome addition to the stocked rainbows. Toilets, parking, two wheelie boats (pre-booking essential) and a hearing loop are available for disabled users.

Kielder Waterside also offers a fun family day out or you can stay in one of the luxury lodges. Facilities include a shop, restaurant, play parks, indoor pool, Segways, ferry rides and much more. Further information can be found at or

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Kielder Waterside
NE48 1BT
United Kingdom

Tel: 01434 251000

Directions - Situated 12 miles west of Bellingham, Kielder Water & Forest Park is easily accessible from the A69 at Hexham.

Sat nav: NE48 1BT

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