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fontburn trout fishery

Fontburn Latest Report

14 April 2019

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Fontburn Reservoir Size: 87 acres (35h), Max Depth 80 feet (25m)

Sat Nav: NE61 4PL

Weekending: 14 April 2019

Number of anglers - week 129
Number of trout taken - week 473
Number of trout returned - week 0
Total number of trout caught - week 473
Rod average - week 3.67
Best trout - week 4lb 8oz
Number of fish re-stocked this week 250
Total number of anglers to date
Total number of fish caught to date
Number of tagged fish caught to date 6
Largest trout of the season so far 5lb 8oz
Seasonal rod average 2.85

Catch of the week:
Heaviest fish of the week was a superb 4lb 8oz rainbow, the best of an eight fish limit catch totalling 22lb 4oz for junior angler Alfie Armstrong and granddad Jim Black. Alfie’s fish of the week was taken on ledgered rainbow PowerBait in the north shore bay. Eight fish limit catches weighing 25lb 8oz and 27lb 4oz were also recorded by Mr. K Daresh and Mr. S Wilson respectively, giving further testament to the quality of Fontburn’s trout this season once again.
  • Memorable moment of the week: Jon Foley from Fenham had an excellent day with a well presented Mepps spinner from the Dam Wall making a limit catch of eight rainbows totalling 20lb 4oz. Not until he had arrived home to prepare the catch did Jon notice the orange tag on one of the fish! After a return trip to the lodge with the prize winning tag Jon collected his £200 cash winnings to top off an already good days fishing!
  • Best areas and flies:Dam Wall, north shore mid-section and around feeder streams. Silver Sparkler, Ace Of Spades, Cat’s Whisker, Gold Head Hare’s Ear on an intermediate or sinking line have all worked well.
  • Best areas and baits/lures:North shore bay and middle section, Dam Wall. Ledgered rainbow PowerBait. Small Mepps spinners
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Ranger office: 01669 621368

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