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fontburn trout fishery

Fontburn Reservoir Latest Report

12 August 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Fontburn Reservoir Size: 87 acres (35h), Max Depth 80 feet (25m)

Sat Nav: NE61 4PL

Weekending: 12 August 2018

Number of anglers - week 88
Number of trout taken - week 120
Number of trout returned - week 2
Total number of trout caught - week 122
Rod average - week 1.39
Best trout - week 6lb 2oz
Number of fish re-stocked this week 250
Total number of anglers to date
Total number of fish caught to date
Number of tagged fish caught to date 10
Largest trout of the season so far 6lb 4oz
Seasonal rod average 3.15

Catch of the week:
In challenging conditions we had to wait until Saturday to see the catch of the week, a 6lb 2oz specimen weighed in by Mr and Mrs S & C Rioch. The family weighed in six fish for a total weight of 16lb, but it was their monster rainbow trout that ultimately stole the show. The family were bait fishing along the north shore, hedging their bets as they opted for mixed tactics, and boy it proved to be a winning strategy - Stunning stuff!

Memorable moment of the week:

It was great to see Gary Owen play the conditions to perfection on Wednesday. Gary opted to spin, with his trusty copper Mepps, whilst keeping on the move targeting fish that were chasing minnows in and around the margins. Gary had a great day as a result, as he eventually claimed five tiptop rainbows. Gary was delighted as he acutely illustrated the value of assessing and fishing to the conditions.
  • Best areas and flies North shore top bay and burn using a Dawson’s Olive or Cat’s Whisker.
  • Best areas and baits/lures: North shore top bay and burn using a Mepps spinner’s, pink Powerbait eggs and loose fed trout pellets.
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Ranger office: 01669 621368

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