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Fontburn Reservoir Report

October 2017

Fontburn Fishery
After a wet and wild start to the week weather fronts settled down to provide some ideal autumnal conditions with light breezes and showers.

The reservoir has returned to top water while temperatures have remained around the 11 degree mark. Feeder streams are flowing steadily and good hatches of terrestrials are bringing on good rises in the cooler conditions, particularly around dawn and dusk or following light daytime showers, as fish seek to put on weight before winter ensues.

Jon Robinson recorded the best catch of the week after making a limit catch of rainbows using a feeder set-up with frequent changes of PowerBait to keep the fish interested to make the eight fish catch for 17lb 3oz.

Nearby in the north shore bay Chris Walker used similar tactics to make a catch of 7 rainbows totalling 15lb.

Fly anglers Herbert Long and Pete Watson covered the water picking up half a dozen rainbows apiece totalling 12lb and 11lb 8oz respectively.

Bait anglers Keith Davison and Pete Bell also made 6 of the best, signing out a further half dozen rainbows each weighing in at 13lb and 12lb 12oz respectively.

NEWS FLASH: The next two tagged fish caught at Fontburn will earn a £400 prize each, provided the lucky angler has entered the sweep and paid their £1 stake.

Please note: Parking for all anglers is free

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Best flies: Black Gnat

Best Baits: Pink PowerBait Eggs ,Swimfeeder with Magic Dust

Best Areas: North shore bay , south shore bay

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