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Grassholme Reservoir, Northumbrian Water, 2015

Grassholme Reservoir Report

October 2017

by Trout Fishing UK
With the weather taking a turn for the worst this week, fishing was challenging but rewarding for those who braved the elements.

Mr. R Jackson braved the elements and was delighted with 6 pristine rainbow trout whilst fishing next to the white post, fishing a PowerBait hook bait in conjunction with a swimfeeder filled with Magic Dust. Mr. C Daines was also delighted with his 6-fish catch, as was Mr. C Johnson with his 5 fish. These were all taken using a PowerBait hook bait.

Regular visitor Colin Parnaby took 4 quality rainbows achieved using legered PowerBait and swapping to floatfished bait when the wind eased next to the Witch’s Hat. Allen Dawson landed the biggest fish of the week with a fully finned, pristine 3lb 8oz rainbow and this was just one of his 5-fish catch.

Jim Hall, fishing next to the ramp, took 4 quality rainbows using PowerBait eggs with PowerBait Fry tipping the end of the hook bait and reported plenty of interest shown by the feeding trout. Yet again anglers reported fish not more than two rod lengths from the margins, indeed it was the most productive location to find feeding fish.

Fly anglers should be in for some fine sport with lures and spinning will become very lucrative in the coming weeks as huge shoals of fry begin the tease the fish into more aggressive action!

Best flies: Black Gnat

Best Baits: Pink PowerBait Eggs ,Swimfeeder with Magic Dust

Best Areas: North shore bay , south shore bay

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