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Hanningfield Reservoir Report, 22nd October 2017

Hanningfield Reservoir Report, 22nd October 2017

October 2017

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All week at Hanningfield there were very difficult fishing conditions with strong winds on Monday meaning boats remained on the Jetty for the safety of our anglers.

However, bank anglers that persisted in the bad weather achieved very good results, most of their success coming from the Peninsular. Two regulars Patrick and Krol caught two great rainbows weighing 5lb 4oz and 5lb 12oz. Peter Yeoman caught a beauty of a rainbow on Thursday weighing 7lb 8oz which was also the biggest fish of the week. He caught it from the Natural Bank using a nymph fished on a floating line. He even had to borrow a friend’s net as his wasn’t quite big enough. With Storm Brian arriving it meant no boats left the jetty on Friday through to Sunday. There were however some anglers that braved the windy conditions and had some great results from the bank. Four fishermen recorded 16 fish between them on Sunday afternoon, all caught on lobworm.

Please Note: To avoid disappointment please reserve the boats for the weekend. A quick note to boat anglers – Atlantis is now just 3ft under the surface.

Catch return cards: IMPORTANT!
Please note it is extremely important that anglers complete their return cards. This will ensure that we have the information required to help manage our fishery and maintain the level of sport we provide for you.

Boats in time: 17:30
Bank closing: 17:30
Water temp: 14c

Best flies: Buzzers

Best Baits: Spring green and garlic Powerbait, lobworms, small Orange bladed spinners

Best Areas: The Peninsular, main Dam, Mole

Boat: Lodge Bay, bird hides

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