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Hury Reservoir Report

October, 2017

by Trout Fishing UK
Malcolm Fraser was a definite winner taking six pristine trout, all between 3lb and 1lb 8oz.

Mr Harvey also had a really good day netting five quality fully finned rainbows and considering the weather conditions this shows how the rainbow trout are actively seeking food in a bid to bulk up for the winter.

Derick Carr also had a superb day taking a eight fish catch limit for a combined weight 18lb 12oz. Mr S. Linsay was delighted with his visit to Hury tempting five superb rainbows and returning all five back to the water to fight another day.

Anglers reported trout feeding very close to the margins and were actively chasing the shoaling fry, which could be seen breaking the water in an attempt to evade the feeding trout.

Mr. R Conway was also delighted with his visit taking three superb trout and amongst his three fish was the biggest trout of the week; a 4lb fully finned rainbow. Lures seem to have the upper hand this week and when fished adjacent to the bank where the fry are shoaling the trout are lying in ambush can result in some memorable sport.

Stealth is a must as the fish are so close to the margins and fishing the water margins before you enter the water and keeping on the move will also improve your chances of connecting with feeding trout.

Best Areas:

Disabled platform, Reedy Point

Best Flies:

Cat’s Whisker, Humungus, Kate McLaren, Soldier Palmer.

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