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Hury Reservoir Update

14 April, 2019

by Trout Fishing UK
Fishery: Hury Reservoir

Size: 125 acres (50h), Max Depth 90 feet (28m)

Sat Nav: DL12 9UP

Weekending: 14 April 2019
Number of anglers - week 14
Number of trout taken - week 42
Number of trout returned - week 43
Total number of trout caught - week 85
Rod average - week 6.0lb
Best trout - week 3.2lb
Number of fish re-stocked this week 100
Total number of anglers to date 128
Total number of fish caught to date 681
Largest trout of the season so far 4lb 0oz
Seasonal rod average 5.3
Catch of the week:
Mr. M Fraser had an excellent visit Monday taking eight fish and returning another four during a thrilling five hour spell. His catch weight for his taken fish was 18lb

Memorable moment of the week
Sid Thomas, fishing Hury for the first time caught seven all on a Bibio Hopper. He decided to keep one for the table; a 3lb 2oz rainbow which was recorded as the biggest fish for the week.

Best areas and flies:
With temperatures still pretty low there is still very little fly life visible. Fish remain in the margins with anglers finding success fishing along the banks. Reedy Point has continued to fish well with a wide variety of methods taking fish with even buzzers taking a few fish. Warmer weather is predicted for the latter part of the week so we might start seeing a few fish rising and taking the dries!
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Simon Lee

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