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Kielder Water Review

01 July 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Northumbrian Water Go Fishing
Ranger’s Weekly Fishing Review

Fishery: Kielder Water
Size: 2,700 acres (1,093h), Max Depth 178 feet (55m)

Sat Nav: NE48 1BT

Weekending: 01 July 2018

Number of anglers - week 114
Number of trout taken - week 307
Number of trout returned - week 21
Total number of trout caught -week 328
Rod average - week 2.8
Best trout - week 5lb 8oz
Number of fish re-stocked this week - 0
Total number of anglers to date - 1,327
Total number of fish caught to date -3,521
Number of tagged fish caught to date -1
Largest trout of the season so far- 5lb 8oz
Seasonal rod average 2.6

Catch of the week:
Raymond Whaley managed to catch the largest fish of the season with his 5lb 8oz rainbow trout. The fish fell to a 10g Toby spinner whilst fished from the boat. Mr. Whaley managed another six fish, three were taken at Matthew’s Linn with the rest caught from the Quarry along the shore to Hawkhope. All were taken on the same Toby Lure.

Memorable Moment of the week:

Julek Kowalski from Galasheilds had previously fished without success but undeterred, was trying his hand for a second time at Tower Knowe where a large shoal of fish were present and Mr Kowalski managed to land his eight fish in just half an hour!

He decided to then purchase a catch and release ticket and caught another three fish through the remainder of the day.

  • Best areas and Flies - Belling Inlet and Scotch Rocks with Black Bullet Coneheads, waggle tails and Ace of Spades.
  • Best areas and baits / lures:Tower Knowe, Matthew’s Linn and Kielder Waterside with worm, Powerbait and spinners/spoons.
Special message for the new week: There are no boats available this Sunday 8 July as it’s the final of the Kielder Water Aid Pairs competition

Please note:
Boats are currently due back at the jetty for 8pm

Ranger office: 01434 251000

For more information, images and video visit our Facebook Page:

Ranger: Lee Hollings

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