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Kielder Water Weekly Review

24th June 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
Northumbrian Water Go Fishing
Ranger’s Weekly Fishing Review

Fishery: Kielder Water
Size: 2,700 acres (1,093h), Max Depth 178 feet (55m)

Sat Nav: NE48 1BT

Weekending: 24th June 2018

Number of anglers - week 84
Number of trout taken - week 188
Number of trout returned - week 33
Total number of trout caught -week 221
Rod average - week 2.6
Best trout - week 4lb 12oz
Number of fish re-stocked this week - 420
Total number of anglers to date - 1,213
Total number of fish caught to date -3,193
Number of tagged fish caught to date -1
Largest trout of the season so far- 5lb
Seasonal rod average 2.6

Catch of the week:
This week’s largest fish was caught by Kevin Munchen of Alnwick. He caught the 4lb 12oz rainbow on bubble float and Powerbait whilst fishing from the tip of Whickhope Bay. He also managed to land another three fish in the same spot.

Memorable Moment of the week:

Isolated hatches of large mayflies have seen some good top of the water sport for those fishing fly. River inlets around the reservoir are where most fish have been seen congregating to feed on mayfly. Large sedge patterns and spider type flies have proven most successful when fish have been seen on the surface.

During the day, in the current hot weather, fish can also still be found deeper down. If no surface activity is seen in the heat of the day then sinking lines with teams of lures or floating fry and blobs on the bottom whilst back drifting have also taken some great catches.

Bubble float and worm is still the best bait fishing method with ledgered Powerbait also very successful.

  • Best areas and Flies - Belling Inlet, Whickhope and Plashetts using blobs, Black Muddler and Peacock Spider
  • Best areas and baits / lures: Kielder Waterside, Hawkhope and Tower Knowe using Powerbait, worm and sweet corn.
  • Ranger: Lee Hollins
Please note:
Boats are currently due back at the jetty for 8pm

Ranger office: 01434 251000

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