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Kielder Water May 2018

6th May 2018

by Trout Fishing UK
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Ranger’s Weekly Fishing Review

Fishery: Kielder Water Size: 2,700 acres (1,093h), Max Depth 178 feet (55m)

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Weekending: 6 May 2018

Number of anglers - week 107
Number of trout taken - week 223
Number of trout returned - week 41
Total number of trout caught -week 264
Rod average - week 2.5
Best trout - week 4lb 9oz
Number of fish re-stocked this week - 720
Total number of anglers to date - 415
Total number of fish caught to date -1,235
Number of tagged fish caught to date -1
Largest trout of the season so far- 5lb
Seasonal rod average 3.0

Catch of the week:
James McGrath had some great sport and after catching his limit Saturday at Kielder Waterside he returned the next day to Tower Knowe where he took a further five fish, the largest tipping the scales at 4lb 9oz. He took half his fish using a bubble float and worm and the remainder on small Mepps spinners.

Memorable Moment of the week: It was the Scierra Boat Pairs heat and anglers were greeted with high temperatures and clear skies. That combined with little wind gave the impression that fishing was going to be challenging. However, the fishing was excellent following some large stockings of late and low water temperatures with a road average of six fish per angler. The winners of the heat were Peter Pattinson and Ray Fothergill. The pair beat a strong field to take First place and landed 16 fish and with a healthy time bonus and will now represent Kielder at the prestigious final at Grafham Water.
  • Best Flies - Scotch Rocks, Belling Inlet and Stockie Bay have produced the best returns. Teams of small lures like budgies, blobs and a Cat’s Whiskers have proved the best flies.
  • Best areas and baits / lures: - Kielder Waterside, Matthew’s Linn, Tower Knowe and Hawkhope were the better spots over the week. Worm, Powerbait and spinners were the favoured baits.
Please note: Boats are currently due back at the jetty for 8pm

Ranger office: 01434 251000

Ranger: John Reed

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