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Scaling Dam Report

Scaling Dam Trout Fishing

Scaling Dam Report

22nd October, 2017

by Trout Fishing UK
Thanks to Ophelia and Brian wind speeds of 57 miles per hour were recorded which did not provide ideal conditions.

But the calm between the storms brought us some excellent days producing large hatches of insects which the fish and anglers took advantage of. Fly angler Derek Ogden from Redcar enjoyed his time in the middle of the east bay with a total of five fish caught returning four rainbows and a very nice 2lb brown trout, all were tempted by his presentation of a Dawson’s Olive. Les Wheatley from Skelton working his way around the west end and swapping between Gold Invicta and Kate McLaren had a great couple of hours catching and releasing six rainbows. Jake Dale from Stokesley managed four rainbows at the east end rocks with his usual Mice-tail and PowerBait paste cocktails. Ian Pearson from Redcar caught four rainbows at the west end using a worm and PowerBait cocktail.

Please note: Parking for all anglers is free

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Best flies: Dawson’s Olive

Best Baits: Chartreuse Mice-tail, worm, orange and cheese PowerBait

Best Areas: Jetty, east bay, west end of Dam Wall

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